Friday, July 15, 2011

Endorsements for No Angel

Jonathan is a reluctant guardian angel. He seems to think that the rules don’t apply to him, so he doesn’t study, he’s ill-prepared and in for quite a surprise when he is assigned a very special child. He figures he’ll just put in his time. Little does he know that everything he ever thought about life, about himself (and he thinks of himself often), or about others is about to change. Join Jonathan as author Theresa Sneed spins a delightful tale of a world we can only imagine. ~~ Stephanie Abney, book reviewer for Deseret News

No Angel is a touching novel that truly makes one ponder why people do what they do, and why some unexplainable and extraordinary moments happen in life.
~ Jaron Lowis

Rib-tickling humor, a cantankerous yet somehow charming hero, and the most unique story ever written about how the spirit world and ours intertwine. Theresa Sneed's 'No Angel' has it all!
~ Shawnette Nielson, Author Once I Flew, business owner, Bounce me to the Moon, and

No Angel is a powerful story with captivating characters. This book kept me on the edge of my seat and my fingers turning the pages. Theresa Sneed is a masterful artist at creating a world in which one must question the motivation and intent of guardian angels. A must read!
~ Krista Darrach

Jonathan is a fantastically intriguing character whose constant desire to get out of being a guardian angel holds the reader’s attention like no other. No Angel is a satisfying, perfect read for anyone who wonders what their guardian angel might be like. It kept me captivated and constantly thinking about it long after the story was finished.
~ Katelynd Gillins

No Angel is fun, fast-past story full of suspense, romance and a glimpse into eternity. I couldn't put the story down, nor is it one I will ever forget.
~ Betsy Love Author of Identity

Theresa Sneed creates an inspiring world of theological fantasy in the epic battle between the ultimate good and evil.
~ Deirdra Eden Coppel, Book Critic and Author of the Knight of Light Series

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